ltleflrt replied to your post: unforth-ninawaters replied to your post: … SO MAD When you were all like “I WILL MURDER ANYONE WHO EVEN THINKS BADLY OF OUR FRIENDSHIP,” I was all, “see? How could anyone doubt our love?” Advertisements

unforth-ninawaters replied to your post: Announcement: Awww what were you getting anon hate about? lol I answered the anon ask right before I saw this. It’s the typical hate I tend to get, though. People saying I’m flirting with the popular kids’ table just to make myself more popular, blah blah blah, I’M SO SORRY… Continue reading

Professor Ex and I put Nerdler in a Lego camp this week, and the theme was the Lego Batman Movie. So the class spent the week making a stop motion Lego Batman movie that we got to watch today. It was 21 seconds of pure chaos. Batman was there on his batcycle. The Joker showed… Continue reading